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KC G-100 MIG Welding Torch

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Close up view of the MIG gun's ball bearing assembly

KC Welding and Machine Corp. has been building MIG welding equipment since 1962. Our G-100 torch, designed initially for pipeline use, has been finding wider and wider acceptance in the shop and yard. The KC MIG welding torch is among the finest in its class, especially for situations involving tight quarters or fatiguing welding conditions. Its torch head consists of patented construction that utilizes a series of ball bearings.

Advantages of ball bearing assembly

  • The bearings provide a low friction path for the welding wire, providing smooth operation;
  • They also allow for a head design that enables a sharp bend radius and a head angle of 75 degrees, resulting in a compact head that allows better access to tight places;
  • The 75 degree angle is comfortable for sustained operation and is easy to use, something we’ve heard from customers persistently over the years;
  • The ball bearing assembly is virtually maintenance free and is contained in an extremely durable stainless steel outer housing.

Superior Construction

Cut-away View of the Ball Bearing Head of the G-100 MIG Torch

The G-100 utilizes screw-on copper nozzles that are available in three sizes to cover almost any application. These nozzles feature an O-ring seal to prevent air entrainment during operation. All G-100 nozzles exhibit excellent service life due to a heavier wall thickness than that found on the nozzles made from tubing stock that are common on torches of lesser quality.

Also available for the G-100 are contact tips in both a round nose and a cut-away or beveled nose configuration. These are supplied in two sizes: one for .030-.035-inch wire and the other for .045-inch wire. The contact tips are held in place with a ferrule lock which provides for tip extension adjustment as well as quick removal and replacement.

The G-100 MIG torch is tough yet flexible, and is made of materials tested to withstand temperatures to minus forty degrees F. Adapters are available to attach the torch to the most popular wire feeders. The entire unit is exceptionally long lasting and fully repairable.

G-100 MIG Torch Specifications

Standard Cable Lengths 8 ft (2.44 m)
10 ft (3.05 m)
12 ft (3.66 m)
Weight, Complete Torch 8 ft 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
10 ft 7 lbs (3.2 kg)
12 ft 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Head Angle 75 degrees
Current Rating 300 amps (with gas)
Control Switch Either “maintain” or “momentary” available
Wire Capabilities .030-0.45 inch diameter in either solid or flux core
Nozzles Copper, Threat-in type, O-ring sealed
Orifice Diameters 17/32 in (standard)
3/8 in (beading)
11/16 in (maximum coverage)
Tips Slip in, ferrule lock type, adjustable
Available for .030/.035 in and .045 in wire diameter
(Available in round nose or cut-away nose)

*Specifications subject to change without notice

Order Consumable Parts

Please contact us to place an order.

Diagram showing the most commonly ordered consumable parts for the welding gun
Drawing ItemDescriptionPart Number
1 Shield Washer SAG-100-040
2 Nozzle
11/16" Orifice with O-ring
3/8" Orifice with O-ring
17/32" Orifice with O-ring
Multiple Options
3 Tip Adapter 100-007
4 Round Nose Tip
0.030 & 0.035 Wire
0.045 Wire
Multiple Options
5 Tip Ferrule 100-009
6 Tip Nut 100-008
7 Fiber Washer 100-017

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