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KC Classic Line Clamps

Rugged and capable, the heavy-duty KC Classic Line Clamps are available in two configurations: Ratchet Clamps, operated by a ratchet handle and screw, and Toggle Clamps, which use a lever-operated toggle action. The Ratchet Clamps are available for pipe sizes ranging from 4 inches through 60 inches while the toggle clamps are currently available for 3, 4, 6, and 8 inch pipe.

KC Classic Line Ratchet Drive Clamps

KC Welding's ratchet drive outside line-up clamps

KC Classic Ratchet Drive Clamps have been the quality leader of the pipeline industry for many years and are operated with a durable ratchet wrench.  Learn more »

KC Classic Line Toggle Clamps

KC Welding's toggle outside line-up clamps

KC's patented Classic Line Toggle Clamps fill the need for high quality, powerful, quick-acting outside line-up clamps for smaller pipe sizes.  Learn more »

Other Line-Up Clamps

KC Welding's Standard Line Clamp

Standard Line Clamps

Based on customer feedback requesting a lightweight, more affordable alignment clamp, KC Welding introduced the Standard Line in 2009. Learn more »

All KC Welding products are made in America